Technical and Creative Arts



The department comprises of three subjects:


                   -Business studies

                   -Computer Studies

 HOD Technical Departments


Members of the department are:

(1)  Mr. Tom Surumo                        -Business Studies

(2)  Mr. Malach Ogeke                      -Business Studies

(3)  Mr. Mulamula Caleb                  -Agriculture

(4)  Mr. Charles Ndemo                    -Computer Studies

(5)  Mr. Douglas Nyaringita             -Business Studies


THE FUTURE IS COMPUTER.                                                                                                           





Welcome to Matongo Boys High School (MBHS). A school of choice. An extra-county school of academic Excellency. A giant boy school of extra curriculum activities. An ADSI school of ICT integration in all subjects. A digitalized school of computer studies as a subject in all forms. Welcome all.

It dates back in the year 2000 when the school realized that the future only depends on Computer knowledge and skills; thence launched. With only 3 computers the Computer Laboratory was established which attracted 20 Computer Wizards. Two years later, every learner in the school came to know the difference between the MOUSE and the KEYBOARD in practical sense. Thanks to the then current principal who could not by-pass any desktop computer across.


MR. Ndemo Computer instructorMr. Ndemo computer instructor

In the year 2005 the school registered for the first time 10 form four candidate boys taking Computer in KCSE exam, whose mean accrued to 6.5. Since then the subject has been shining like the morning star from the East, to date.


When I came in, first term 2017, the Computer Laboratory has journeyed drastically in terms of provision of Standard furniture, increment of number of new computers (PCs) and more computer boys admiring to join Computer as a subject. Thanks to the current school principal, Mr. Tom Surumo for such assistance.









AFRICAN DIGITAL SCHOOLS INITIATIVE(on going ICT program in the school)

Matongo boys high school is among the twenty schools in Nyamira County enrolled in African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) programme.  The Objective of the progamme is to transform Secondary Schools into digital Schools of distinction.  This involves ICT integration in teaching and learning.The Programme period is 2016-2020.  Teachers enrolled in the programme are:

  1. Mr. Mulamula Caleb   -    Co-ordinator
  2. Mr. Erick Onduko
  3. Mr. Samwel Mose
  4. Mr. Walter Omanwa
  5. Mr. Jacob Mose
  6. Mr. Charles Ndemo
  7. Mr. Vincent Masanya
  8. Mr. Fred Ochako
  9. Mr. Douglas Nyaringita

Deputy Principal

 Mr. Fredrick Ngote -Deputy Principal WORD FROM THE DEPUTY PRINCIPAL

Ranked top academically among the schools in Nyamira North sub …

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HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL Matongo Boys High School started in January 1965 as a Harambee Secondary School with Mr. Abel Ongosi as …

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