About Us



To be a Centre of Academic, Spiritual and Moral Excellence


To provide a conducive environment for Academic, Social, Moral and Physical learning experience


Aim High


Core Values


Respect for the democratic right of staff and students

Respect of Individual Difference



Continual Improvement



These are elaborated as follows:


We are committed to acting in an honest, accountable and transparent manner in all our undertakings.


We are committed to the highest levels of achievement obtainable through competence and pertinent skills.


 We embrace teamwork and collaboration both within our school and with all our partners in the provision of educational services.


We strive to achieve the highest value of benefit from the employment of our resources; particularly to the learner.

Continual Improvement:

We are committed to setting and maintaining high standards of education through continual improvement in service delivery.

Respect of individual differences:

We are committed to providing education to all learners.

Respect for the democratic right of staff and students:

We shall create an environment where there is freedom of expression and communication.

Geographical Background

 The school is situated on top of a round hill, North East of Kisumu near Sondu market at an altitude of 3500 meters above the sea level. It lies on a gently sloping ground facing Kericho county in the Rift Valley. The basement rocks in the area are firm and volcanic giving rise to deep fertile soils. There is a permanent spring nearby and whose waters join River Sondu on the lower side. The area receives two seasons of rainfall of between 1200-1750mm p.a., evenly distributed throughout the year. The average temperature is 28o C; most evenings being warm and mornings cold. Lowest temperatures of about 15o C are experienced in the month of July. The area is placed between two market centres i.e. Sondu and Ikonge. It also shares the same ground with Neema TTC, Matongo Health Centre, Matongo Lutheran Theological College and  Matongo LCK Church.

Deputy Principal

 Mr. Fredrick Ngote -Deputy Principal WORD FROM THE DEPUTY PRINCIPAL

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HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL Matongo Boys High School started in January 1965 as a Harambee Secondary School with Mr. Abel Ongosi as …

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